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It is a big challenge to reduce the costs

It is a big challenge to reduce the costs and extract deductions from the possible ways from business expenditures. Accounts payable services are complex and they often meet the complex regulatory requirements. AcoBook provides the flexible and innovative accounts payable services which perform the operations as it has the ability to automate it. Enabling the laws and rules of the business, the resultants are quite exponential. We provide the services economically and which results in improved controls, higher service levels and higher intelligence level. We have developed the services with extensive processing costs and higher business intelligence.

Our Accounts Payable Services Include:

  • Sorting
  • Document Management
  • Scanning
  • Invoice Processing
  • Approval and resolution management
  • Disbursement
  • Debit Memos Processing
  • Month-end Ledger Reconciliation
  • Ageing Report Preparation and processing
  • Month-end internal reporting

Accounts Receivable Services:

Accounts Receivable services are offered to enable our customer's to deal with accounts effortlessly. Key finance functions usually impact cash flow and they are essential for maintaining a strong business. We provide the widest range of accounting services and we maintain consistency to follow up on all the invoices and we help our customers to control their expenses and also the account activities.

  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Order to Invoice Conversion/li>
  • Matching Invoices with Customer Payments
  • Invoice Receipt Verification
  • Monthly Open Balance Statements to Customers
  • Cash Application
  • Ageing Report preparation and processing
  • Credit Memos Processing
  • Month-end Ledger Reconciliation
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